Will food be provided? 

Yes. All who register will be provided with breakfast, lunch and dinner. If your child wishes to bring extra snacks for their dorm, they can, just keeping in mind that we can’t have nuts due to allergies.

 Do you accommodate campers with dietary requirements? 

Yes. All dietary requirements will be sent through to our camp kitchen volunteers and they will make sure all dietary requirements are met. 

What time is drop off?

Registrations open at 4pm and dinner will be served at 6pm

 What time is pickup? 

From 12:30pm on the Thursday 23rd Jan 2020

 What if my child wants to come to camp but I can’t afford it? 

We do have sponsorships and assistance for families who can not afford the full registration, we will also have payment plans that we can set up for you. If you need assistance, please email us at 

Will there be leaders in cabins?

Due to child protection, we are unable to have any over 18s in cabins. However, if a young person needs something, we have 2 night duty leaders plus our camp parents whom they can go and ask or our leaders will have their phones on them for a young person to call. 

 What child protection policies are in place? 

All over 18s attending have a working with children check. 

 Can I pay in instalments instead of all at once? 

 Yes you may pay in instalments, feel free to email us at to set up a payment plan.

 What if my child gets sick/homesick?

If a child gets homesick, we are able to call a parent to come and pick them up. We also have camp parents on site who are there to assist in anyway they can. 

If a child becomes sick whilst at camp, a parent will be called and notified and the parent will come up with the most suitable option on whether to collect their child or not. 

 What if my child is injured? 

We have trained First Aid Officers on-site to assist with First Aid. If it is an emergency, the correct authorities will be contacted and as will the parents. 

What if my child is on medication?

If your child needs to take medication at certain times each day, camp parents and first aid officers will have all the medications with a list of your child’s medication plan. They will hand out medications at the required times and make sure it is taken. 

 What if my child is anaphylactic? 

At camp, we try our very best to accommodate to all allergies and dietary requirements. If an item that your child is allergic to is consumed, our camp parents and first aid officers will be in charge of your child’s epi-pen and will administer that if you have given permission. 

Are the youth able to have their technology devices?

Yes. However, we are not responsible for any devices that are broken or lost.